‘A tour de force’: wildcard novel completes Not the Booker prize shortlist

This post is by Sam Jordison from Books | The Guardian

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Last year’s judges have finalised the 2018 shortlist, adding Marc Nash’s Three Dreams in the Key of G. Now we’re on the hunt for three new judges ...

We now have a complete shortlist for the 2018 Not the Booker prize. Our excellent panel of judges from last year have added Three Dreams in the Key of G by Marc Nash, as our wildcard entry. It sounds like a daring experimental novel that should add considerable interest to our list – but don’t take it from me, take it from our three judges:

Hannah Bruce calls it “a truly unique book – a tour de force of advanced literature. Nash manages to intertwine three interesting narrators, while also expressing the emotion of science. Three Dreams is a book capable of standing out in any collection or shortlist, and will likely not be forgotten.”

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