New “Deleted” Wheel of Time Novella to Appear in Unfettered III in 2019

The Wheel of Time

When Shawn Speakman and Grim Oak Press released the first Unfettered anthology in 2013, the epic fantasy collection included “River of Souls,” a deleted scene from Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s A Memory of Light. However, “River of Souls” was one of two scenes left on the proverbial cutting room floor during the revisions process. “The second, I assumed, would never see the light of day,” Sanderson wrote on his official website today before announcing that the second deleted scene will appear in Unfettered III in early 2019.

The as-yet-untitled deleted scene involves Perrin traveling into the Ways. Sanderson writes:

I’ve long been fond of this sequence, and it was quite difficult to cut from the book. (In the anthology itself, I’ll explain why we eventually decided that the sequence needed to go.) I do have to warn you that—unlike River of Souls, which we ...