Reading group: which novel set on holiday should we read this month?

This post is by Sam Jordison from Books | The Guardian

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Whether we’re being taken on vacation by Ernest Hemingway or Esther Freud, this month’s reading is likely to be melancholy, hedonistic or both

This month, the Reading group is asking for recommendations about vacations. Summer’s on the wane in the UK, but that simply makes me want to cling to the last vestiges of sunshine, take one more dip in the sea and feel the warm glow on my skin before the cold sets in. And read or reread summer classics.

Choosing reading material so late in the season works for me because so many of my favourite books about holidays are infused with the melancholy of passing time and deal with pleasures that feel all the brighter because they are brief. In fact, it is often better to read these books at home rather than on the beach, in case they leave you feeling painfully mortal (Thomas Mann’s Death ...