Six Works of SFF Short Fiction that Defy Convention

Short fiction is awesome.

No, seriously. I am of the opinion that there are few things in life better than a perfectly executed short story. Creating an expertly paced short story, that makes you care about its characters, understand its world, and be invested in its central conflict—all within the space of 7,500 words—is no small feat. What follows are six pieces of subversive short fiction—stories that have captured my heart and imagination (in less time it takes to ride the subway to work, no less). These are stories that stretch the definition of “fiction” and play with format; they are stories that defy convention and sometimes even storytelling logic.


Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by Alyssa Wong (Nightmare Magazine)

Alyssa Wong is a multi-award winning author for so many of her works of short fiction. This particular story, about that Tinder life in New ...