Sleeps With Monsters: Books Inspired by History and Historical Literature

Elizabeth Bear and Katherine Addison have a new joint effort out this September. You might recognise Katherine Addison as the author of The Goblin Emperor, and you might also remember that she’s also written as Sarah Monette—making Bear and Addison the same team as the ones responsible for A Companion to Wolves and its sequels.

Their new work isn’t a Viking-influenced vision of the frozen north, but a long novella about fifteen-year-old Christopher Marlowe and the murder of a scholar: The Cobbler’s Boy.

Kit Marlowe is fifteen. He’s just lost his apprenticeship (from being smart-mouthed, wilful, and unable to hold his tongue, or so it seems) and he’s a little desperate to win a scholarship to the King’s School, to learn Greek and Latin and escape his brutal father John—a cobbler who once beat his apprentice nearly to death. But Kit has many younger sisters and ...