Star of Black Sails to Debut Urban Fantasy Detective Series With Orbit Books

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Luke Arnold, Black Sails

You may not have been lucky enough to watch the fabulous queer anti-imperialist Treasure Island prequel smish-smosh that was Black Sails (it’s on Hulu currently, you are very welcome), but it is beloved on the HMS Stubby Rocket. So imagine our surprise to learn that actor Luke Arnold—known on the show for playing everyone’s favorite thief/storyteller/accidental legend, Long John Silver, pictured above being generally dismayed with everything going on aboard the Walrus—will be writing an urban fantasy series starring a fellow named… Fetch Phillips.

He’s a detective, naturally.

The Daily Dot has announced that Arnold’s series is forthcoming from Orbit Books, and that the debut is titled The Last Smile in Sunder City. The book is set in “the aftermath of a war between humans and magical creatures, which caused magic to vanish from the world. The main character, Fetch Phillips, is a private detective working in Sunder City, trying ...