This Star Trek Fan Theory Explains Why the Borg’s Attacks on the Federation Make No Sense

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Star Trek Voyager The Omega Directive

In Star Trek, there is no villain whose motivations are more perplexing than the Borg.

The sometimes-invincible hive of cybernetic organisms have been a part of the Trek narrative since The Next Generation, providing helpful antagonism throughout their tenure, upping the stakes and leading to high drama whenever they threatened to appear.

But the reasoning behind their actions has always been a bit opaque. Why do they ignore intruders on their ships? How could the Borg evolve to a point where an unsolvable puzzle could potentially short out their entire civilization, especially when they seem to have mastered time travel? (Look out, Borg! It’s a misprinted Sudoku!) When their actions are considered altogether the Borg seem lucky to even be alive.

But when we saw u/StrekApol7979‘s amazing Borg theory over at the Daystrom Institute subreddit, we had to share it. Using mostly evidence from the Star Trek ...