6 Genre Fiction Icons Who Hung Out with the Muppets

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Does the entire canon of the Muppets fall into the genre of science fiction? When you consider the various alternate universes the Muppets seem to inhabit, the answer might be yes. If meta-fiction is the handmaiden of science fiction, then there are certainly some SF sensibilities pervading our favorite gang of witty and colorful creatures. Throughout the years, this sensibility has been somewhat acknowledged by the Muppet-verse via specific crossovers from science fiction celebrities. Here are six instances of science fiction icons with the Muppets!


Mark Hamill

Though the reoccurring sketch “Pigs in Space” was initially more of a Star Trek/Lost in Space parody than Star Wars homage, it nonetheless caught Star Wars fever when Mark Hamill guest starred on The Muppet Show. Episode 417 was simply titled “Star Wars” and featured Mark Hamill not only as Luke Skywalker, but also as Luke’s cousin “Mark Hamill.” Chewbacca, C-3PO ...