All the New Fantasy Books Coming Out in October!

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Welcome to your fall reading list! Excuse us: the start of your fall reading list. The menu is quite extensive: Can we interest you in some mermaids? Perhaps a vampire or two? Or maybe you’d like to start with a hag? If your tastes are bit more classic, maybe a gladiator? This month’s new releases range from old favorites given new life (The Complete Tales of Earthsea, a new book in the world of Anne McCaffrey’s dragons) to brand-new debuts (A Conspiracy of TruthsMage Against the Machine) to stories and sequels and more. Baru is back! Charlaine Harris has a new series! What will you read first?

(Looking for the new YA fantasies? Starting this month, all the new YA SFF titles get their own list!)

Keep track of all the new releases here. Note: All title summaries are taken and/or summarized ...