Cassandra Khaw, Paul Cornell, and Other Horror Authors Play a Game of Exquisite Corpse with Serial Box

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Serial Box Exquisite Corpse horror authors stitch together serialized story

Raise your hand if your dream horror story includes the visceral terror of Cassandra Khaw, Paul Tremblay’s apocalyptic anxiety, the unforgettable bright image transferred from Alyssa Wong’s brain to your own.. Then you are in luck, and you had better be prepared to have the pants scared off you, with Serial Box’s nifty new Halloween project: Exquisite Corpse resurrects the popular parlor game for a one-day, spinetingling, serialized extravaganza in which ten horror authors will stitch together “a monstrous Franken-tale with a sci-fi twist.”

Instead of a typical Serial Box production spanning ten weeks, Exquisite Corpse will take place over just ten hours: On Friday, October 19, Serial Box will post one installment an hour from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. EST. These 1,000-word installments will be available in text (about 6-12 minutes to read) and atmospheric 3D audio form.

The full list of authors participating in this “Killer ...