Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes’ Viral Twitter Thread Becomes Horror Comedy You Might Be the Killer

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About this time last year, the internet bestowed upon us the gift of two writers improvising a silly, trope-slashing horror story entirely via Twitter for 11,000 people to enjoy. But, as with all great horror narratives, it didn’t end there! Chuck Wendig shared on his website the wild news that his and Sam Sykes’ bonkers thread about a camp counselor wearing a creepy mask and holding a machete has become a horror movie, appropriately titled You Might Be the Killer.

With Sykes and Wendig as producers, director Brett Simmons (Chilling Visions: 5 States of FearThe Monkey’s Paw) has turned their slasher tweets into a bonafide slasher film—starring Alyson Hannigan and Fran Kranz, no less! The plot looks to be about the same: Counselors are getting murdered at summer camp, with Sam (Kranz) caught in the middle. Rather than call the cops, he decides to ring up ...