Do You Hear the Drums? It’s the New Outlander Season 4 Trailer

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Outlander season 4 trailer Drums of Autumn Brianna Stones Jamie Claire Fraser America Brave the New World Stephen Bonnet

So much of Outlander’s past three seasons have been about trying to change the past. But it would appear that season 4 sees Claire and Jamie Fraser looking ahead to the future. “Do you know what lies beyond those trees?” she asks in the latest trailer from Starz. “This is just the start of what America will become. People come here in the thousands, all hoping to live the American dream.” But one person’s dream can be another’s nightmare.

While Jamie is thinking about how to make his mark on America so that he will somehow reach daughter Brianna 200 years in the future, Claire seems to be putting them in danger—for the noble cause of arguing against slavery, but certainly not ensuring that the Frasers have a peaceful time of it in the New World. Add to that a new villain in the form of pirate ...