Doctor Who Returns in October!

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Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker

The BBC has been keeping us on pins and needles, waiting for the return of Doctor Who this year. Wonder no longer! The release date has been set!

Doctor Who season 11 will premiere on Sunday, October 7th. No word on the time slot yet, or word as to whether it will be a simulcast across the pond. Get ready for the 13th Doctor, everyone!

The move to Sunday is new for the show, which has aired on Saturday since it’s revival. The first episode of the new season is titled “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” which seems to be a cheeky wink at the novel and film The Man Who Fell to Earth–the 1976 film starred David Bowie as an alien searching for water to save his homeworld.

If we get an word on the time slot today, we’ll update here!