Matt Murdock is Back in the Confessional in this Teaser for Daredevil Season 3!

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Daredevil is embracing as much darkness as he possibly can in this teaser for Season 3! We’ve got a shadowy confessional, some tortured mumbling, and a vow to take his vigilantism to the next level. We also have a quote from Job 12:22: “He reveals the deep things from the darkness and brings the gloom into the light.”

But Matty, it’s possible that you’re not the “He” that’s being referred to here?

Click through to embrace Matt Murdock’s pain!

We saw a bit of talk that the Job quote might be implying a December 22nd release date, but we haven’t confirmed that yet. We will update you as we get news!

And also, if you don’t mind a [SPOILER]:

This was used as an after-credits sequence in Iron Fist…so…make of that what you will.