Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Forty-Three and Forty-Four

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Welcome back to the Oathbringer reread! This week launches the Moash Novelette, which as you know is something we are just so excited about. To provide a change of perspective, we have a special guest to discuss the (ir)redeemability of the character some of us love to hate so much. We’ll also do a little reconnaissance training with Shallan, and sit in on a meeting of the scholars.

Reminder: we’ll potentially be discussing spoilers for the ENTIRE NOVEL in each reread. As usual for Part 2, there are very minor Cosmere spoilers in the Epigraphs review, but nothing else in the reread itself. (Also as usual, we make no promises about the comments!) But if you haven’t read ALL of Oathbringer, best to wait to join us until you’re done.

Alice: Before we begin, I’d like y’all to meet Aubree Pham! She’s generously agreed to join us for ...