Sleeps With Monsters: A Pair of Delightfully Queer Novellas

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This week, I want to bring to your attention two novellas from Book Smugglers Publishing, Lena Wilson’s Accelerants and Juliet Kemp’s A Glimmer of Silver. These books are mere morsels in length—114 pages for Accelerants, 136 pages for A Glimmer of Silver—but in their different ways, they’re both very good. As well as being delightfully queer, and enjoyably compact!

Lena Wilson’s Accelerants would feel like a metaphor for so-called “gay conversion therapy” were it not that its protagonist, Korean-American Lucy Mi’na, is a lesbian as well as being an “Omni,” a member of the population with special powers—a section of the population that is kept very rigorously in the closet. Lucy’s a pyrotechnic, able to control fire, and from the age of six, she’s believed she killed her mother. Her distant, controlling ex-military father blames her, and she blames herself.

The novella divides itself into two ...