“They’re Right to Fear Me”: Watch the First Trailer for Dark Phoenix

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X-Men Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Sophie Turner trailer

20th Century Fox released the first official trailer for Dark Phoenix, the latest chapter in the X-Men cinematic universe focusing on mutant telepath and telekinetic Jean Grey. The last few movies have begun to set up the extent of Jean’s powers, and now we see how the more powerful she gets, the more unstable she becomes—due in part to an encounter in space and Charles Xavier’s interference.

Interestingly, judging from the official synopsis below, this trailer seems to only cover the first act of the movie: Jean’s backstory, and her increasing fears of not “belonging,” corroborated by a mysterious, white-haired stranger known only as Smith (Jessica Chastain). Jean speaks three times in this trailer—including telling Magneto that she’s “looking for answers”; and later, presumably of the other X-Men, “they’re right to fear me”:

The official synopsis, from 20th Century Fox:

In Dark Phoenix, the X-Men face their most ...