Ethan Peck Reveals the Emotional Journey of Becoming Spock for Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery panel

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery were at New York Comic Con to talk about the upcoming season and how much love they plan to bring into the world as their story evolves. Ethan Peck, the show’s new Spock was also on stage, and he gave fans an idea of the long journey involved in donning those ears.

According to Peck, when he started reading for the role, he had no idea what character he was trying out for, just that it was a part in Discovery and that was obviously an exciting prospect. When he finally found out that it was Spock it was understandably nerve-wracking, and he was brought in to have a meeting with the producers. His assumption was that even if he didn’t get the role, it was an incredible honor to be given a shot.

He found out he got the role when the casting ...