Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger – review

This post is by Rachel Cooke from Books | The Guardian

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Rebecca Traister’s polemic around #MeToo has passion and fury but seems blind to the complexity of its subject

How you feel about Rebecca Traister’s new book will depend, to a degree, on how you feel about anger. Personally, though furious as I am at both Brexit and the behaviour of Donald Trump, I think there’s a little too much of it around. Like most women, I fear male rage, for which reason I don’t exactly long to see my own sex indulging in even vaguely similar behaviour. Nor do I find anger particularly productive. Yes, it can power a newspaper column; carefully harnessed it will get people out on to the streets to march, too. But when it comes to deep thought – something we desperately need right now – it seems to me to be more of an impediment than a spur.

This is not a thesis with which ...