Hector Abad: ‘Do not sink into rancour’

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The Colombian writer on the legacy of his country’s civil war and how literature can help us come to terms with the past

Hector Abad is a Colombian novelist, journalist and publisher. He writes a weekly column for Colombian newspaper El Espectador and is one of Latin America’s most revered and successful authors. His family was torn apart by his country’s civil war when rightwing paramilitaries murdered his father, a doctor and prominent human-rights defender, something he chronicled in Oblivion: A Memoir. A peace deal was reached in late 2016 with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (or Farc), a leftist rebel army, formally ending a conflict that killed 260,000 people and left 7 million displaced. Abad’s new novel, The Farm, follows a family as it struggles to live among guerrillas, paramilitaries, army soldiers and drug lords.

Is the Colombia of the book based on the country you grew ...