Outlander Season 4 Premiere “America the Beautiful” is Beautiful and Brutal

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Outlander season 4 premiere review "America the Beautiful" television review Jamie Claire North Carolina

For the first time, a season of Outlander begins without Claire worrying about traveling through time—whether forward to Frank, or back to Jamie. After years of bouncing between different times and identities, Dr. Randall/Mrs. Fraser chooses to live in linear time… it just happens to be in 1760s North Carolina. America, too, is the first home that Claire chooses—the first place in which she and Jamie must carve out a life, with neither Scottish clans nor French contacts to rely upon. This duality seems to be the theme of Outlander season 4: the choice is yours to make, but your reward may be nothing but hardship, and that’s the American Dream.

Starz screened the first episode of Outlander season 4 at New York Comic-Con. While this is a non-spoiler review, it does touch upon a few minor plot points.

At first, it seems as if “America the Beautiful” might ...