Sleeps With Monsters: Disgraced Witches and Norse Mermaids

Thanks to my own peculiar interests, this is another queer-lady heavy column. Perhaps eventually it’ll get boring to keep coming across work that features women who love women—perhaps one day, we’ll reach the kind of excess that produces tedium, or at the very least complacency—but that day is not today.

You probably haven’t heard of Stephanie Ahn’s Deadline, but I mean to change that. This self-published short novel is an absolutely lovely piece of urban fantasy, fast-paced and hugely fun. (And when I say urban fantasy, I don’t mean paranormal romance: I mean urban fantasy in the noir-PI mold, reminiscent of Tanya Huff’s Vicki Nelson and Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden.)

Harrietta Lee is a disgraced witch, an outcast from the world she grew up in. She made a few bad decisions, and now, well. Her magic is tainted, different that it used to be, and she ...