The Most Important Planet in Brandon Sanderson’s Books is Named After Jane Yolen

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Many of Brandon Sanderson’s works take place in a single “Cosmere” universe. You can visit Roshar in the Stormlight Archive, or Scadrial in Mistborn, but readers have yet to see the most important planet in the Cosmere…

Somewhere out there is a planet that breeds trouble, that produces scholars, that has seeded different worlds with different types of magic. Sanderson has yet to reveal that planet and its story, but we do know one thing: it’s named after Jane Yolen, author of Finding Baba Yaga and numerous other fantasy works!

The planet Yolen has yet to appear in any of Sanderson’s published works, but on his blog and elsewhere he has referenced Dragonsteel, an unpublished work set on Yolen that acts as a sort of prequel to the rest of the Cosmere series.

In 2016, Sanderson revealed that this planet is indeed named after the author ...