The Peril of Being Disbelieved: Horror Fiction and the Intuition of Women

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Evil Dead

There is a woman in a forest. Or maybe on a highway by a cornfield. At the doorway of a condemned building.

And she knows that something is wrong.

She is often accompanied by a date, a boyfriend, maybe a few friends. Maybe they’re kissing. Maybe everyone is drinking. Maybe they’re on vacation. And she abruptly stops having fun because something is off. The air is charged, the silence more silent than usual, the dark is full of eyes. But her boyfriend keeps kissing her, her friends are too drunk, the group wants to break into the shuttered old house. She says no, and she is teased or berated for being a buzzkill. She is weak for insisting that something is wrong, that more caution is called for than they would prefer to exhibit. She is making it harder for her boyfriend to investigate, to prove to her that he ...

Night of the Living Dead, Barbara
Michael Jackson, Thriller
Evil Dead, Cheryl
Supernatural, Hell House