Women Who Save Themselves (and Everyone Else)

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Prince-based rescue strategies suffer from a number of intrinsic flaws: princes are in short supply; they are vulnerable to spontaneous bratrachification; and many are the products of centuries of ill-considered inbreeding. A prince is as likely to be a Gilles de Rais as a Prince Charming.

Look elsewhere for salvation. Consider, for example, relying on a woman of action. Or better yet, being one.

Of course, history is filled with examples, from the Trưng Sisters to Julie d’Aubigny, from Olga of Kiev to Tomoe Gozen. It’s not surprising that fiction offers some fine examples as well.

Distressed individuals have little choice but to turn to women of action in Mary Cagle’s webcomic Sleepless Domain. In what may be the final redoubt of humanity in a world overrun with supernatural monsters, only those chosen by the mysterious Woman in White are imbued with the abilities needed to hold back the ...