‘Perhaps it’s a confessional’: the winner of the Cape/Observer/Comica graphic short story prize 2018

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Edith Pritchett’s An Artistic Odyssey, a waspishly amusing and artfully rendered tale of modern mores and flawed feminism, won our annual award for emerging cartoonists

Read winner Edith Pritchett’s An Artistic Odyssey here
Read runner-up Jac Clinch’s Customer Complaint 40569 here

My experience of judging prizes is that the panel’s decision is rarely unanimous, whatever smooth things people like to tell the world later. But after the judges of this year’s Observer/Cape graphic short story prize had read carefully through the entries, we were all agreed that one had stood out right from the very start: An Artistic Odyssey by Edith Pritchett.

Not only did it look great, it also had a beginning, a middle and an end – a harder trick to pull off than you may think over the course of only four pages. Best of all, it was funny. Posy Simmonds thought it was ...