Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2019!

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Like every new year, 2019 promises a number of endings and new beginnings—specifically in the form of SFF movies! We have a number of questions regarding the upcoming releases: What fresh horrors will Pennywise visit upon the town of Derry? Will John Wick ever get to settle down? When will the Men in Black show up to flashy-thing us? (Wait, have they used the flashy-thing on us already?) Why is Detective Pikachu so fuzzy? How will we ever survive the wait for the ending chapters of not only Marvel’s Infinity War, but also Star Wars?

Here are all the movies we’re excited—and maybe just a little bit nervous—about as we head into the new year…


Glass (January 18)

We all know that 99% of excitement for this is the audience wondering if Shyamalan can pull it off. Split had eleven kinds of problems, but a sequel to Unbreakable ...