Captain Marvel Has a Funny Star Trek Easter Egg Hiding in Plain Sight

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Talos Captain Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first Marvel film to make it clear that Star Trek and the MCU were (cheekily) closer than we thought, after Kevin Feige pushed for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home‘s “Punk on Bus” to appear in Queens during a scene in Homecoming, many decades after bothering Kirk and Spock on a San Francisco public bus. We thought that would be the end of it.

We should have known better.

[Don’t worry, no spoilers for Captain Marvel. This is stuff from the trailer.]

If you’ve heard a bit about the villains of Captain Marvel, you’d know that the leader of Skrulls (shapeshifting aliens who cause all sorts of trouble) is named Talos. He is played by Ben Mendelsohn, who you might also remember from Rogue One, the most recent iteration of Robin Hood, or Ready Player One. The character has been around since 1994 ...