Captain Marvel is the Joyful Realization of a Woman Coming Into Her Power

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Captain Marvel trailer

It took Marvel Studios eleven long years to bring fans a female-led film, and expectations have been running high among MCU devotees. Fortunately, Captain Marvel isn’t much worried about the hype train behind her—she’s too busy having fun.

[Spoiler-free review]

The weakest part of Captain Marvel is unfortunately the opening half-hour where we meet our hero and establish the arc of her journey. The Kree capital planet of Hala seems as though it’s been rendered as an afterthought, and the “mystery” of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and her time as Kree Starforce agent Vers is never tantalizing or unpredictable enough to provoke much surprise. It doesn’t help that the dialogue starts off strangely clunky, and every early action sequence seems as though it’s been designed merely to prove that Danvers can do everything we’ve already seen male action heroes do in other movies—not a great place to start a female ...