Hark by Sam Lipsyte review – a hilarious lament for our times

This post is by Nicole Flattery from Books | The Guardian

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A standup comic peddles fake spiritualism to tech executives in this sharply comical novel from the author of The Ask

As I write this an app is running on both my laptop and phone, promising me mental clarity and relief from distraction. It’s an internet-blocker called Freedom, that great American ideal: the word conjures up bald eagles soaring through the air, profound life decisions, sweeping Jonathan Franzen novels. The lengths we will go to in order simply to put down our phones! It’s as if we’re all trapped in collective rehab. The situation is ripe for dark parody, and over the last decade nobody has skewered the absurdities and endless humiliations of technology and late capitalism better than Sam Lipsyte. In his hysterically funny 2010 novel The Ask, he gave us Milo Burke, a loser drowning in a mediocre job, suffering through a failing marriage, who is forced into ...