“I think I’m starting to like this” — The Flash (1990)

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The success of 1989’s Batman led to a flurry of activity from Warner Bros. as they tried to cash in on that film’s combination of high box office, good word of mouth, and through-the-roof merchandise sales.

One of the ones that actually made it to air was a TV series featuring the Flash, which only lasted for one season in 1990-1991.

Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo had pitched a Justice League­-type team show to Warner Bros. in 1988, but got very little traction. Then, following Batman’s success, new Warner president Jeff Sagansky expressed interest in doing a Flash TV show, and Bilson and DeMeo were tapped to produce it. (The Flash was part of their original pitch in any case.)

The original Flash was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert in 1940 during the big wave of superhero creation inspired by the success of Batman and ...