Book clinic: I want to lose myself in an epic series this spring

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Amanda Craig recommends something long and diverting if you’ve already enjoyed The Lord of the Rings

Q: I am keen to get lost this spring in a long, epic series of books. What can you recommend? (I loved both The Lord of the Rings and Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, for example).
Charity worker, 38, south-east England

A: Author and critic Amanda Craig, whose latest novel, The Lie of the Land, is published by Abacus, writes:
Whether it has swords and dragons or gangsters and husbands, the feeling of entering an alternative reality is something we all need. Fantasy and realism are not mutually exclusive. The demands are the same. Tolkien’s epic quest doesn’t appeal to everyone, despite containing great characters, thrilling battles, profound wisdom and comic sweetness. Neither does Ferrante’s searing depiction of female friendship, corrosive corruption and poverty. What we seek in the best epics is what ...