EL James’s The Mister – turns out books and sex can be this bad

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A coked-up lord bonks a trafficked Albanian immigrant as the Fifty Shades of Grey author swaps BDSM for dispiritingly creepy power games

There is a small moment in EL James’s new novel The Mister that embodies her unique ability for libido-shrinking creepiness. Her new romantic hero, British aristocrat Maxim Trevelyan, enters a shop to buy a nightlight for his attractive, sex-trafficked Albanian cleaner Alessia. While paying for the dragon-shaped light intended for children, he spots condoms behind the counter. “Well,” he thinks, glancing at his traumatised future paramour before asking for a box, “I might get lucky.” Later offering to share his bed, he says: “I won’t touch you. This is just sleep – so the next time you scream, I’ll be right there.’” He then thinks: “Of course, I’d like to make her scream in a different way.

At least among all this wrongness, James ...