Protest and Power by David Kogan review – the battle for the Labour party

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Key players reveal the extraordinary story of the Labour left’s unlikely return from the wilderness

There is a well-known ethical conundrum, which has become something of an internet meme over the last decade, captured in the question: “Would you go back in time and kill baby Hitler?” The meme was amplified in October 2015 when the New York Times Magazine ran a readers’ poll on the question, and it later became a feature of that notorious philosophical salon, the Republican presidential primaries. The Huffington Post put the question to Jeb Bush, who responded with: “Hell yeah, I would!”, while Ben Carson took it as an opportunity to declare his opposition to abortion. Even “foetus Hitler” had a right to life, it seemed.

As a philosophical dilemma, the question is mildly diverting. But as a way of understanding political history, it is palpably absurd. History is a series of ...