Sleeps With Monsters: Two Uneven SF Sequels

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This week I’m going to talk about two sequels, one of which I liked a lot better than the other. Part of this is down to my enjoyment of the characters, but part of it, too, is that one of the novels is advertised as the second part of a duology, but it closes on a note that raises as many questions as it answers. The other novel makes no claims to completing its series arc, but it finishes in an emotionally satisfying place, even if it does leave a wide-open door for “further adventures”—and terrible threats.

Jaine Fenn’s Broken Shadow concludes the duology which began in Hidden Suns. (“Concludes” feels to me like a generous word: I do not feel emotionally satisfied at all.) In Broken Shadow, the reader is offered confirmation of what I suspected, reading Hidden Suns. This is not a fantasy universe, but a ...