Finding Yourself Through Fantasy and Culture

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It’s always a funny thing when an author says they’ve been writing ever since they could hold a pencil, or that they’ve always adored books.

Because I, someone who now lives and breathes in the literary world, hated both.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like to read, it had more to do with the question of why read when I could be climbing our rickety treehouse and creating adventures of my own? Now, older and wiser—but still not wise enough—I’ve had some time to ruminate upon my peculiar existence, and I like to think I’ve puzzled out an answer.

People would say, “I read to find myself,” yet I only ever read to lose myself, because there was no way I could find myself in a world of corsets and wine, of carriages and top hats. I’m aware that few people can relate to any of those ancient contraptions, which ...