Gender and the Hugo Awards, by the Numbers

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When I heard people were apparently upset about the gender balance of this year’s Hugo winners, I thought “I could give the records a quick eyeball and fill the empty abyss of daily existence for a short time establish once and for all whether or not this year was particularly atypical. If there’s one thing known about human nature, it is that concrete numbers resolve all arguments.

Because I don’t want to offend any gods that are lurking about with the sin of excessive perfection, I only looked at the prose fiction categories. Still, even a quick perusal reveals an astounding trend.

The longer data sets are in the end note (because I am pretty sure a footnote of that length would break’s footnote system). Here is the Coles Notes version:

Of 65 years in which the Best Novel Hugos were issued, 45 (69%) had finalist ballots ...