Uncanny Magazine Launches Pilot for YouTube Talk Show

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Last year, Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine launched a Kickstarter to fund its fifth year, and provided an interesting perk to entice new backers: a TV pilot episode. A little over a year later, that episode is now out, and you can watch it now.

The episode is hosted and produced by Michi Trota and Matt Peters, the magazine’s Nonfiction Editor and Submissions Editor, respectively, and described last year as a “third pillar of Uncanny content along with” the publication’s podcast and magazine.

Filmed in Chicago, the pilot features three guests: Keisha Howard, Daniel Jun Kim, and Dawn Xiana Moon, who discuss Sugar Gamers (a tech and gaming advocacy group), practicing heroism in real life, and the performance of a song based on Mary Robinette Kowal’s Hugo Award-winning novel The Calculating Stars.

Uncanny included the project as a stretch goal for last year’s Kickstarter if backers passed the $32,000 mark, and ...