Why So Much Backlash? Ready Player One is Basically Twilight for Nerds

Chun Li and Tracer Ready Player One

In 2005, as many of you will recall, one writer’s wildly popular story created a gigantic cultural rift, even while many readers strongly identified with its teenaged protagonist. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight had appeared on bookshelves everywhere and quickly gained mainstream attention for its depictions of fraught romantic relationships, and especially for turning horror icons like vampires and werewolves into romantic objects. The story strongly resonated with its target female demographic, and three sequels and a series of film adaptations followed, but this success nagged at people who took umbrage at the allegedly mediocre writing, overwrought love story, and sparkly monsters. Even while people endlessly mocked the divide between fans of Team Jacob and Team Edward, the true battleground was located between people who loved Twilight and those who had contempt for what many perceived as blatant indulgence in a cocktail of melodramatic romantic clich├ęs.

Which brings us to 2011, where ...

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