It broke into their home and set up residence in their minds.

When the… thing first insinuated itself into the Lund family household, they were bemused. Vaguely human-shaped, its constantly-changing cravings seemed disturbing, at first, but time and pressure have a way of normalizing the extreme. Wasn’t it always part of their lives?

As the family make more and greater sacrifices in service to the beast, the thrall that binds them begins to break down. Choices must be made. Prices must be paid. And the Lunds must pit their wits against a creature determined to never let them go.

It’s psychological warfare. Sanity is optional.

Bedfellow is a tense dark fantasy novel of psychological horror from author Jeremy C. Shipp—available November 13th from Publishing.





Hendrick prides himself on always responding well to an emergency, but he freezes in place when a man in a ...

It’s Time to Remake the Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special, Han Solo

Box office analysts all over the galaxy have blamed Solo’s disappointing earnings on poor marketing and oversaturation of Star Wars movies. Personally, I believe these theories are (and forgive my French) a whole lot of hooey. The problem with Star Wars these days is that there are too many new ideas, new characters. Why enjoy something fresh and exciting and possibly even challenging, when you can watch the same old thing over and over?

With all this in mind, I’m sure you will agree that what Star Wars truly needs is a remake. Search your feelings. You will know it to be true. You probably already know what film I’m going to recommend that they reimagine, and that is the beloved sequel to A New Hope.

I am, of course, speaking of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

This made-for-TV movie honestly has everything you could ask for in a ...

Jar Jar Binks, Revenge of the Sith
Supreme Leader Snoke, The Last Jedi, Star Wars
BB-8, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars Holiday Special, Gormaanda

Five Overworked Fantasy Characters Who Could Use a Vacation

What with all the cursed jewelry and chthonic adversaries and apocalyptic prophecies to deal with, fantasy characters often seem a bit overworked and overstressed. Sure, these people might be fictional, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t treat themselves to a nice, relaxing holiday from time to time.

Now I have it on good authority that countless fantasy folk, from the Pale Man to Pyornkrachzark, read, so I thought this post would be the perfect opportunity to recommend some amusement parks for a few characters to visit this summer. As a world-renowned theme park enthusiast, I feel that writing this piece is my responsibility.



Left to his own devices, this old fussbudget of a butler would likely spend every waking hour polishing wine bottles, and then upon retiring at the age of 94, he’d take a brief vacation to drive through the British countryside à la The ...