Netflix Reveals New Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer and Premiere Date!

Black Mirror season 4 trailer premiere date December 29 Netflix Charlie Brooker

Those sneaky folks at Netflix—despite just posting a video of their remaining 2017 releases, which did not include Black Mirror, they’ve now revealed in a separate announcement that Charlie Brooker’s cheekily nightmarish series will have its fourth season before the year is out. On December 29, to be exact. The perfect way to say goodbye to 2017, right?

For the past two weeks, the Black Mirror Twitter account has been tweeting agonizingly slow hints to the new season: a poster one day, a teaser the next, for all six episodes. While we would not have been surprised if, following the last teaser, Netflix had just dropped the entire season, they’ve given us some warning, plus a new trailer:

Because judging by everything we now know from the combined promotions, this is going to be the most wide-ranging season in terms of content. I’m keeping this surface-level so as not to ...

From the Zombie Post-Apocalypse to Candyland: Where to Start with Seanan McGuire’s Books

where to start with Seanan McGuire's books Beneath the Sugar Sky Wayward Children

Over nearly a decade, Seanan McGuire has established at least seven different fictional worlds, from faeries in the San Francisco Bay Area to examinations of what happens after “happily ever after,” and how civilization might survive and even (gasp) thrive after the zombie apocalypse. She regularly writes for at least five of these universes—so many that she needs another name to write them all!

Part of what makes McGuire’s work so engaging is that she pulls from preexisting folklore and pop culture and remixes these elements into wholly original worlds: St. George vs. the dragon, superheroes, marketing agencies, medical scares and scandals, fairy tale narratives that decide what the characters do instead of the other way around. Her latest series, the Wayward Children novellas, opens multiple doors into a variety of portal fantasies. Similarly, you have seven doors in front of you—see which world(s) suits you best.


October Daye


Seanan McGuire Wayward Children

How to Make Iceland’s “Christmas Book Flood” Part of Your Holiday Tradition

Jolabokaflod Yule Christmas Book Flood Christmas tradition Iceland reading books gifts Christmas Eve

Imagine: It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve got that jittery feeling of wanting to fast-forward to Christmas morning, yet you’re too restless to fall asleep. Then—what’s this?—a family member hands you a slender, rectangular wrapped parcel. It can’t be anything but a book, but why are you receiving it the night before Christmas?

You unwrap it to discover which book a loved one has chosen specifically for you—because it was a favorite they wanted to pass along, or simply because it made them think of you—and then comes the best part of your night: You curl up in bed with some chocolate and/or a holiday drink and spend the rest of the night reading until you doze off. Congratulations, you’ve just experienced Jólabókaflóð!

The coziest of holiday traditions and a great cure for the aforementioned “Christmas insomnia,” Iceland’s “Yule book flood” has caught on outside of its country of ...

Awkward Robots Make the Best Robots

As part of our Cyber Week eBook Sale (Tuesday, November 28 to Sunday, December 3), Martha Wells’ All Systems Red is only $1.99 at your favorite ebook retailer!

By all accounts, a robot that has named itself Murderbot should have absolutely no camaraderie with humans. Not that it even wants to—the SecUnit at the heart of Martha Wells’ All Systems Red does the bare minimum of its job, i.e., keeps its human clients alive, then immediately ducks into its cubicle to stream the latest episode of Sanctuary Moon. This is no C-3PO, human/cyborg relations, fluent in over six million forms of communication. Murderbot can’t even adequately express its desire for privacy, stumbling through conversation with its clients while holding its gruesomely half-healed organic parts together. It possesses no subtlety, and no interest in refining that aspect of its communication.

Ironically, that awkwardness is exactly what will keep ...

How the Lady Warriors of The Tiger’s Daughter Slay Fantasy Tropes

In which I recreate my experience reading K. Arsenault Rivera’s The Tiger’s Daughter the only way that seems appropriate: through letters. Some spoilers for the novel.

Shefali. O-Shizuka. We need to talk.

You’re out of control. You run through palace gardens fending off tigers, and camp out on the Silver Steppes grappling with demons around the fire. You’re so convinced that you’ve been touched by the gods because you’ve been able to escape tiger attacks without getting mauled, just some claws to the shoulder.

You dream of patrolling the land—Shefali picking off demons from afar with your bow, or, for the ones that get too close, O-Shizuka slashing them with the sword. The two of you will be beholden to none of the responsibilities of the throne nor of the tribe, free to do nothing but play warrior until you have racked up enough demon kills to actually assume the title.

It’s a ...

Embrace the Impossible with NaNoWriMo Pep Talks From Your Favorite SFF Authors!

NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month

Today, November 1, National Novel Writing Month begins! You have 30 days to write 50,000 (or more!) words without fear of outside readers or your own second-guessing. You get to throw all the writing rules out the window, except for the one where you sit down every day to write. Which is not to say that NaNoWriMo lacks structure—in fact, it’s all about support systems, from the forums to the pep talks from dozens of published authors, some of whom have attempted NaNoWriMo themselves. (And, in the case of some like Patrick Rothfuss, lost.) Because if you’re staring at the blank page on Day 1, or desperately sobbing your way through what seems like an irreparable plot mistake on Day 20, you’re going to need the moral support.

This year’s pep talks come from Roxane Gay, writer of World of Wakanda for Marvel Comics, among other things; NaNoWriMo executive director Grant Faulkner; ...

Maggie Stiefvater NaNoWriMo pep talk The Raven Cycle
Chuck Wendig NaNoWriMo pep talk
Alaya Dawn Johnson NaNoWriMo pep talk Love is the Drug
Gene Luen Yang NaNoWriMo pep talk
Patrick Rothfuss NaNoWriMo pep talk
Catherynne M. Valente NaNoWriMo pep talk
Daniel Jose Older NaNoWriMo pep talk Shadowshaper Bone Street Rumba
N.K. Jemisin NaNoWriMo pep talk
Neil Gaiman NaNoWriMo pep talk
Malinda Lo NaNoWriMo pep talk
Brandon Sanderson NaNoWriMo pep talk
Jeff VanderMeer NaNoWriMo pep talk
Naomi Novik

Have a Peculiar Halloween with 8 Quirky Horror Stories

Over the Garden Wall quirky horror list

The thing about quirky horror is how slyly it tricks you.

Like many of its heroes and heroines, you crawl through a portal to another world, lured by the unbelievable hominess of a mirror world where everything is fantastical and fun, so much more so than real life. The mystical creatures seem cute—who doesn’t love button-eyes!—and everyone is oh-so-welcoming. They want to make you their queen, or their apprentice, or their eternal guest of honor. But the thing is, what seems normal in these quirky tales is actually quite horrifying back in the real world. Yet we can’t resist opening that mysterious door that has just appeared in the wall, or in the tree…

Read on for eight whimsical horror tales, but don’t forget to keep your wits about you.


Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Unappreciated by her parents, young Coraline Jones crawls through a hidden door into a mirror world, ...

The Nightmare Before Christmas quirky horror movie list
Return to Oz quirky horror book movies list