Paula Hawkins: ‘The Secret History inspired in me to write crime fiction’

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The author on her dislike of Jane Eyre, being unable to finish American Psycho and feeling guilty about rereading

The book I am currently reading
I’ve just started The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal, a historical novel set against the backdrop of the Great Exhibition in 1851 (to be published next year). I’ve also been dipping into Talking to Women, a 1964 collection of conversations between the writer Nell Dunn and her friends – including Edna O’Brien and Pauline Boty – about work, money, sex and motherhood.

The book that changed my life
I think this is one of the questions for which I’d give a different answer to depending on which day of the week you asked me, but The Secret History by Donna Tartt was very important to me in my 20s, it inspired in me a desire to write a certain sort of crime fiction.

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