Eight new Australian writers you should read (according to those who know)

We ask industry insiders – publishers, editors, festival directors – for their pick of the new cream of the literary crop

No writer is an island. Behind every blossoming wordsmith is a literary industry putting in the hard yards to discover, develop and share stories with as many readers as possible.

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Verse goes viral: how young feminist writers are reclaiming poetry for the digital age

Fusing writing, music, art and technology, a new generation is taking poetry beyond the bookstore If you’re not an Instagrammer you may never have heard of Rupi Kaur. In fact, if you’re not a young female Instagrammer, then your chances are probably even slimmer. And yet, with almost 750,000 Instagram followers and more than half a million copies of her debut poetry collection, Milk and Honey, sold worldwide, Kaur is one of the biggest names on the literary scene right now. Continue reading...

Are you anxious, asks a picture book, then helps me face my answer| Rebecca Slater

Generalised anxiety is paralysing to live with and nearly impossible to explain but a new book on it proves pictures can indeed be worth a thousand words I first came across Catherine LePage’s illustrated book browsing the aisles of my local bookstore. I do this most days, as a way to get myself out of bed, out of the house. After months of holding down temporary and contract jobs, I’d recently landed a full-time job, quit after a week in a fit of panic, and now found myself unemployed, unsure and more anxious than I’d been in my entire life.
I found it propped up in the small self-help section, tucked away in the back corner of the store. On approach, a young woman, flicking through a book on self-esteem, averted her gaze: a sign of mutual respect, sympathy or occasionally fear that I’d become accustomed to in frequenting this ...