A Firefighter’s Guide to Fighting Dragons

Here’s the weird place where my real life and fantasy overlap.

When I set out to write my debut novel, Smoke Eaters, I knew I had to set it in the future where technology would have advanced to a place where firefighters could battle dragons and not get completely creamed.

But lately I’ve been thinking how I, as a modern day firefighter, would be able to combat dragons.

The film Reign of Fire beat me to the concept of placing dragons in the “real world.” Just like in my novel, dragons have returned from beneath the ground and have been wreaking havoc on near-future Earth. While I love the movie (I even bought the videogame) they do plenty of reckless things I can’t justify. A clear example of what not to do is when Matthew McConaughey leaps off a tower, swinging an axe at an oncoming dragon. I’m ...