Call That Angry, Jessica Jones? This Is What I Call Angry

Jessica Jones is used to being angry, but as it turns out, she pales in comparison compared to her mother. And Trish, to be honest. Time to get a new hobby, Jess!

(Contains spoilers for Jessica Jones 2.8 & 2.9, please try not to spoil beyond this in the comments. We’ll get to the later episodes soon!)


Season 2, Episode 8: “AKA Ain’t We Got Fun”

Written by Gabe Fonseca
Directed by Zenta Fuentes

Jessica wakes up chained to a bed, and the episode only goes downhill from there. Dr Karl tries to justify his life choices to her, and encourages her to join their happy family, on the grounds that Jessica’s mother hardly even murders anyone (except when she does).

KARL: You could calm her down.

JESSICA: Just so you know, I rarely have that effect on people.

Jessica is able to talk herself out ...

Jessica Jones Unlocks More Tragic Backstory

Cynical? Disaffected? It’s amazing Jessica Jones can even get out of bed in the morning. (Though to be fair, mostly she falls out of bed.)

(Contains spoilers for Jessica Jones Episodes 2.6 and 2.7; please try to avoid spoilers beyond this point in the comments.)

Episode Title 2.6 AKA Facetime

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

JESSICA: Fish were hurt, people were terrorised.

Sopping wet, Jessica flees from the scene of the damaged aquarium, pausing only to rescue her phone with the bag of rice method.

She spots an update on Trish’s love life via a gossip magazine which is… an impressive turnaround in reporting. Don’t print magazines have at least a weekly schedule? Apparently Marvel’s New York has print magazines that update at the same rate as websites.

What did Jessica learn from her aquarium adventure? Mostly that her former doctor and ...

Jessica Jones Tries Something New

The word of the day is “misanthrope.”

Predictably, Jessica struggles to get through even one court-mandated anger management class… which is fair enough after she articulates all the reasons she has to be angry.

(Contains spoilers for Jessica Jones Episodes 2.4 and 2.5; please try to avoid spoilers beyond this point in the comments.)

Season 2, Episode 4: “AKA God Help the Hobo”

Written by Jack Kenny
Directed by Deborah Chow

Jessica’s fun and games from last episode has led to Malcolm being splashed all over the gossip rags as Trish’s new boyfriend, but he’s more concerned with convincing Jessica to let him do some work other than carpentry on her damaged apartment.

After Pryce Cheng makes Malcolm a job offer, he finally gets up the nerve to make some demands of Jessica, to let him help with cases, learn the PI trade from her, and ...

Jessica Jones Knows Where To Ditch A Body

If doors were the overriding theme of Episode 1, then the word ‘freak’ is all over this one. As is often the case with Jessica Jones, there’s a double meaning in that: people with powers, of course, who are referred to in this show as Supers or Powers (Powereds?), but also the recent run of freak accidents happening to people associated with that mysterious lab, and the people experimented upon.

Jessica, being the noir heroine she is, kicks off the episode with a bunch of performative Bad Behaviour In Bars including far too much whiskey, broken glasses from slamming them down too quickly (her bartender is remarkably understanding) and a less-than satisfying hookup in a toilet stall.

Did I mention that it’s raining? So raining.

(Contains spoilers for Episodes 2.2 and 2.3 only, please try not to refer to episodes beyond this in the comments.)


Open The Door Wider, Jessica Jones

If a door won’t stay closed, build a stronger door.

My favourite thing so far about Season 2 is that Jessica Jones’ toxic relationship with doors continues unabated. If anything, the doors are more significant this time around.

Welcome back to Jessicaland! Each of the Marvel Neflix series has its own visual language which is all the more interesting because they each take place in the same city, with overlapping geography… and yet each of them clearly is set in its own universe.

The universe of Jessica Jones is one of noir angles and shadows, of broken buildings and big glass windows best viewed through a long-lens camera. Our hard-drinking, angry detective is even harder drinking and angrier this time around. She’s lost her taste for pro bono work, and is deliberately choosing clients she doesn’t like so she doesn’t have to care about anything which… is not melding well ...

There’s Nothing ‘Only’ About Being a Journalist: An Appreciation of Sarah Jane Smith

“I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You never know what you might find!”

Sarah Jane Smith was one of the most influential figures on me growing up, as a media representation of a professional working woman, as well as the “girl reporter” archetype.

In 1970s Doctor Who, the role of the female co-star evolved to someone who was a proper partner to the Doctor, if not entirely his equal. These included “Actually I have a doctorate too” Liz Shaw, “I got better marks at school than the Doctor” Romana, “I can rescue myself with skeleton keys” Jo Grant, and “I will stab you in your sleep” Leela.

But Sarah Jane Smith was the first Doctor Who companion who balanced an outside job with her TARDIS adventures. When we met her in “The Time Warrior,” she was investigating the same missing scientists plot ...

The Cheysuli Reread, Book 8: Tapestry of Lions


< p class="frontmatter">Tansy Rayner Roberts is rereading the Cheysuli Chronicles, an epic fantasy series and family saga by Jennifer Roberson which combines war, magic and prophecy with domestic politics, romance and issues to do with cultural appropriation and colonialism. It’s the last installment of this series of angsty heroes, feisty heroines, stoic warriors and chatty animal companions. Fly, my pretties, fly! Will the prophecy be fulfilled? Will the end result be worth the generations of tragic romances and arranged marriages?

The Story

Meet Kellin: latest of a long line of Cheysuli Princes of Homana, destined to become Mujhar and sire Cynric, the chosen one of the Prophecy that his family has been obsessively building towards for generations. Kellin is the loneliest kid of all lonely kids. Raised in the Palace by Brennan and Aileen, his loving but protective grandparents, he feels abandoned by his father Aidan, who is living in seclusion ...