Redshirts, Red Angels, and Red Herrings — Star Trek: Discovery’s “Project Daedalus”

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One of my least favorite tropes of dramatic fiction in general and the Star Trek franchise in particular is the Redshirt Phenomenon. I’ve discussed this particular practice elsewhere on this site, but the short version is: It’s the laziest of lazy writing, showing that a situation is dangerous by killing a character, but that character barely qualifies as such, as it’s generally an extra or a person we barely know and don’t really care about.

“Project Daedalus” manages to embrace, invert, and reject the Redshirt Phenomenon all at the same time, and I honestly still haven’t figured out how I feel about it.

Normally this would be obvious, but I’m going to put in a SPOILER WARNING here because I’m going to talk about the very ending of the episode.





Here we go…

Lieutenant Commander Airiam sacrifices herself to save the ...