“All Knowledge Is Worth Having”: Quotidian Queerness in Kushiel’s Dart

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Like many people my age, my first exposure to queer texts was through fanfiction. Reading Firefly and RENT slash back in the early 2000s was an education in male/male tension and longing and, yes, sex. I’ve traded the same joke back and forth with fellow female fans that I knew all about gay sex before I even learned any of the mechanics of heterosexual intercourse. Even so, it all felt very binary. A character was either gay or straight. If they had interactions with both men and women, one of these experiences was just an excuse before they “chose a side.”

My favorite fantasy novels also had a healthy amount of sex, from Ranita Glasswright exploring her options to Alanna of Trebond gladly courting three (male) suitors at once before deciding which one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But these were all straight romances, ...