Men in Black: International Is Uninspired, But Still Cute and Fun

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Men In Black: International trailer

The original Men In Black was a divinely weird piece of cinema, a film that takes inspiration from the world’s most outrageous tabloids (the bat boy ones, not the celebrity rags)—but can you sustain that particular brand of magic over 20 years? With each sequel, the attempts to franchise-ify the series never quite passed muster.

But adding Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth to the mix sure doesn’t hurt.

Men In Black: International suffers from many of the same problems that burden all of the MIB sequels—an over-reliance on CGI, a paper thin plot, and too-obvious twists. The original was fresh and delightful because it was a boots-on-the-ground kind of story, one where world peril came almost as a wonderful afterthought instead of the raison d’être. Practical effects mingled with digital ones, making the world grosser and stranger. There was nothing sleek about the original, nothing shiny and new. People love ...