Sleeps With Monsters: Very Different, Very Good Books

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This week I want to talk about books by three different authors—all very different to each other, but all very good.

We Rule The Night is a debut novel from Claire Eliza Bartlett. It came to my attention because Marissa Lingen blogged about it: A fantasy novel set in a world at war, it’s very strongly influenced by the idea of the Russian Soviet Night Witches in WWII, the female fighter pilots in elderly planes whose skill and daring remained under-acknowledged for decades after the war. We Rule The Night tells the story of two very different young women who dislike and distrust each other but are forced to work together in a new flying squadron—and who are each trying to protect themselves in a dangerous world that could easily see them condemned for treason. Eventually, they become allies—perhaps friends. We Rule The Night is well-written and well-characterised, but its ...