The Apology by Eve Ensler review – my father, who abused me

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The Vagina Monologues writer revisits her childhood in a powerful imagined letter from her father – the words of repentance he never uttered

Eve Ensler begins her memoir with a simple dedication: “For every woman still waiting for an apology.” Ensler counts among these women herself. The award-winning American playwright and activist who has spent decades campaigning globally against anti-female violence, was ritually assaulted by her father, Arthur Ensler. It began as sexual abuse when she was five. By the time she was 10, he was choking her, punching her in the face, threatening to stab her and beating her with belts and paddles in sickening acts of pain and humiliation. Eve’s mother looked on in silence. Her family was pitted against her. Arthur died 31 years ago; he had not uttered any words of repentance.

Earlier this month, the TV presenter and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, spoke of her ...